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TAHMO donations are made to our account at the Agricultural Research Foundation (ARF). Donations can be make online (above), or through check or wire transfer. Please contact us at “info at tahmo.org” for more  information on check or wire transfer forms of giving.

Fees:  PayPal holds a fee of 2.2% plus $0.30 on each donation made. ARF holds a fee of 5% on all Out-of-State (non-Oregon) donations that are $100 or greater. Please note this fee is taken on the PayPal donation, Wire Transfers and Checks.

The Agricultural Research Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation. Gifts and charitable bequests to the Foundation may be deductible and can help accrue tax benefits.

The Agricultural Research Foundation was established in October of 1934 to encourage and facilitate research in all branches of agriculture and related fields. The Foundation is the custodian of funds provided by Individuals, Corporations and other Non-Profit organizations in support of research projects conducted at Oregon State University and throughout the state.

Since the Foundation was founded it has provided leadership, incentive and moral support to a vigorous constructive research program. As of the close of the 2012-2013 Fiscal Year the Foundation has received and managed over $157 million in donor gifts and grants to support research. In addition, the Foundation itself has provided over $16 million of its own funds, via the Competitive Grants Program, to catalyze exploratory research studies proposed by agricultural and natural resource scientists at OSU.