Gilbert’s Article

Gilbert's Journey with TAHMO

When I initially joined TAHMO, the company culture was deeply ingrained in innovation, collaboration, and a strong sense of purpose. We were passionate about advancing weather monitoring, hydrometeorological solutions, and climate resilience. Our shared commitment drove us to explore cutting-edge technologies and work together to address critical challenges.

Over the years, TAHMO’s culture has evolved. We now place a greater emphasis on diversity, sustainability, and holistic problem-solving. Our commitment to continuous learning and adaptation remains unwavering. Employees are encouraged to explore new ideas, embrace emerging technologies, and contribute to our mission of creating a more resilient world.

Like any organization, TAHMO has encountered a number of challenges including logistical hurdles, technological barriers, and funding constraints. 

Working with diverse teams from different countries and cultures presented both opportunities and challenges. TAHMO addressed this by promoting frequent online meet ups that helps to enhance cultural awareness. Further, we promote effective communication protocols and tools to facilitate seamless collaboration across borders.

The rapid evolution of technology in weather monitoring necessitated continuous training and upskilling of team members. TAHMO has a structure to ensure staff are trained on any new equipment we are working on. We promote sharing information on advancements in sensor technology, data analytics, and software development. This fostered a culture of innovation and experimentation, encouraging staff to explore emerging technologies and share their learnings with the team.

Through strategic partnerships, innovative problem-solving, and a resilient team spirit, TAHMO has overcome these challenges and emerged stronger. By leveraging collaborations with local communities, schools and governments, diversifying funding sources, and prioritizing effective communication and collaboration, TAHMO continues to advance its mission of harnessing technology for weather monitoring and climate resilience.

I take immense pride in our contributions to advancing weather monitoring and climate resilience in Africa, both for the present and future generations. Our efforts have expanded our weather station network to over 600 stations, and in over 22 countries, providing crucial data empowering local communities to make informed decisions for their livelihoods and safety. Additionally, our innovation in developing technologies like low-cost weather sensors and data analytics platforms demonstrates our commitment to accessible solutions for weather-related challenges. Moreover, our indirect impact is equally rewarding as we contribute to solutions benefiting the broader public. By facilitating informed decision-making through weather data, we bolster resilience and enhance preparedness across Africa, shaping a more resilient future for generations to come. This dual impact, both direct and indirect, underscores the depth of our accomplishments and fuels my pride as part of the TAHMO team.

Growing up, I always sought a satisfying working environment, and I’ve come to understand that true satisfaction stems from pursuing goals larger than oneself. Such an environment challenges one to continuously learn. TAHMO offers me such a platform. I am impassioned by TAHMO’s mission to utilize technology for positive social and environmental impact. It allows me to immerse myself in various facets, including technology, management, and social aspects, fostering a diverse and enriching experience.

I firmly believe in the collective power of our team to effect meaningful change. TAHMO offers a dynamic and collaborative work environment where I continuously learn, grow, and contribute to making a tangible difference. My commitment to furthering TAHMO’s mission is unwavering, driven by a genuine desire to utilize my skills and expertise for the betterment of society and the environment.