—Kolyanga Emmanuel and Wogisha Benjamin

Work in progress in Round II: Kolyanga Emmanuel and Wogisha Benjamin

Koly and Benji are both third year students at Makerere University (Kampala, Uganda), pursuing their BSc degrees in Electrical Engineering at the College of Engineering Design, Art and Technology.

Kolyanga Emmanuel and Wogisha Benjamin

The initial idea of Koly and Benji was to integrate a various number of IC (integrated circuit) chips into a single package that is able to measure multiple weather parameters at once.

Originally, temperature and lighting were chosen as parameters. However, as Koly informed us: “We plan to make the entire unit compatible with, say, eight other sensors such that it’s just plug and play.” In the SketchUp file he sent us (see below), the design is extended with a rain sensor and an anemometer to measure wind speed.


Below: setting up the Arduino and testing the light sensor.

covering_light_sensor setting_up_the_arduino_2