Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI)

TAHMO has been – since the 1st of January 2018 – qualified as a Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI in Dutch). This means that donations to TAHMO can be tax reducted for Dutch tax-payers.

Formal name: Stichting TAHMO (Trans-African Hydro-Meteorological Observatory)
RSIN Number: 853955050
Postal address: Stevinweg 1, 2628CN, Delft, the Netherlands
Email address: info@tahmo.org
Goals according to the articles of association (Dutch & English): 
De stichting heeft ten doel: het aanleggen van een netwerk van hydrometeorologische stations in een gebied ten zuiden van de Sahara (Afrika). De stichting beoogt niet het maken van winst.
The goal of the foundation is to develop a network of hydrometeorological stations in an area south of the Sahara (Africa). The foundation is a non-profit organization.
Policy plan 2018 – 2022:
1. Increase the number of weather stations to 5000.
2. Optimizing work processes including back office, business development, and data management.
3. Intensify local coordination and cooperation.
4. Increase exposure of the foundation.
The entire policy plan 2018 – 2022 can be read here (in Dutch).
Board of directives:
– Michiel Age Pieter van Haersma Buma, (Chairman)
– John Selker (Secretary)
– Nicolaas Cornelis van de Giesen (Treasurer)
The board members do not receive any financial remuneration for their activities.
Annual Accounts:
The audited annual accounts of 2017 can be downloaded here.
The audited annual accounts of 2018 can be downloaded here
The audited annual accounts of 2019 can be downloaded here