Projects and Partners

Projects and Partners

Global Resilience Partnership


The Global Resilience Partnership is exploring, prototyping and scaling innovative resilience solutions, experimenting on the edge of the possible, pioneering deals, convening and encouraging collaboration between new partners and traditional agencies – to provide mass to achieve impact at scale. The organisation plans to help millions of vulnerable people in the Sahel, the Horn of Africa and South East Asia better adapt to shocks and chronic stresses and thrive in a more resilient future.

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Rockefeller Foundation, USAID, and Sida are the founding sponsors, collectively investing to increase global resilience and mobilize regional collaborations.

Meteorological Early Warning System to Build Resilience to Climate-Induced Shocks

African Hydro-Meteorological Observatory (TAHMO) will empower local communities and vulnerable agriculturists across Uganda with an innovative early warning weather system for severe weather across the drought prone Cattle Corridor, the accident prone areas of Lake Victoria, Kyoga, and Wamala, and Uganda’s flash flood prone highlands. Leveraging the prevalence of cell phones across the country, the team will partner with mobile operators and the Ugandan National Meteorological Authority to provide low cost, on-demand access to weather alerts to more than 16 million Ugandan cell phone users and free access to all 8 million Airtel subscribers.

EU Project

IBM funds over 300 TAHMO stations in Africa

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor IBMThis July IBM declared it will supply funding to add more than 300 TAHMO micro-weather stations across Kenya, Nigeria and various other African nations. The stations will be placed in a strategic location to serve a historically under-served community with real-time, accurate weather data. Potential results of the installations include helping improve irrigation and agricultural resource management as well as providing unique climate insights for the aviation, power, insurance, and various service-related industries.


Currently-available sensors used in weather stations are not suitable for the TAHMO project. They are either too expensive, susceptible to failure in African environments (insects, dust, etc.), or they don’t measure the variables we desire. The objective of the TAHMO Sensor Design Competition is to design sensors that measure a weather or hydrological variable and are both inexpensive and robust.

The TAHMO project is interested in measuring weather in new ways. These new sensing methods should be resilient, require little to no maintenance, and be cost effective. One option is to measure traditional weather parameters like air temperature, relative humidity, or solar radiation, but in new ways, and another would be to measure non-traditional weather parameters like lightning or dust. For this competition, the focus lies on the sensors themselves and not on data communication. The central idea is to come up with new concepts.

We encourage you to be as innovative as possible in your design. Please don’t feel limited by your access to materials, as the selected design teams from Round I will receive a package with all necessary hardware and materials in order to actually build their sensors.

The TAHMO Sensor Design Competition is the first step towards building a TAHMO community. For TAHMO to be successful, local knowledge and expertise are absolutely essential. As the project is in the initial phase, many facets must still be addressed before we can actually start designing and building the weather station network. We therefore encourage everyone that is interested in TAHMO to join our community and join discussions on TAHMO-related topics. Our community is on Facebook and LinkedIn. All support is welcome. Together we can make TAHMO work!