Teaching Material

Lesson plans

Lesson plans are created by the School-2-School team, as well as a group of School-2-School interns.

They are intended to be used by teachers to analyze real weather data in their classrooms. If you have a lesson plan and would like to share it, please email s2s@tahmo.org and we will review it before posting it online for other teachers to use.

And if you are a teacher who maintains TAHMO weather station or who want to use
TAHMO data in their classes, kindly download this document [TAHMO s2s binder]

Dataset sampel

You can also download a sample data set for two stations (TA00055 & TA00057) in Excel format here- S2S_SampleData (clicking on this link will download an Excel format workbook with two tabs, one for each station). Below is a tutorial with instructions on how to download the data. Many of the provided lesson plans require a TAHMO dataset.

If you have a station at your school and would like to access the data from your station please do send us mail on s2s@tahmo.org.

Once you have downloaded your dataset, please note that the time in the downloaded file is given in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and not local time. To convert from UTC to local time, use the time zone to either add or subtract from the UTC time. The instructional video below will show you one method for converting the time from UTC to local time.

Our Station cleaning guide can be found here

Sensor Design

Sensor Design Lessons


Acoustic Rain Gauge

Maak je eigen weerstation – Primary School (Dutch)

Weather&Climate-blueWeather and Climate Lessons

TAHMO introductieles – Secondary School (Dutch)

TAHMO introductieles – Primary School (Dutch)

GPS and Hurricanes

The weight of air and air pressure

Grafieken maken – Primary School (Dutch)

Wat is jullie klimaat? – Primary School (Dutch)

Additional Hands-on Teaching Materials:

Experiments and demonstrations for teaching weather (Royal Meteorological Society Metlink)

JetStream online tutorials about Weather (NOAA National Weather Service)

Climate, Water, and Weather Education materials for teachers and students (NOAA)

Earth and Space Engineering Activities (Teach Engineering)

Additional Online College-level Course Material:

Hydrologie (only available in Dutch)
Measurements for Water (partly in English)
Electronic Instrumentation
Hydrology of Catchments, Rivers and Deltas
Hydrological Measurements
Spatial Tools in Water Resources Management

Find more free OpenCourseWare materials from Delft University of Technology here, including how to take hydrological measurements the learning about how electronic instrumentation functions!