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TAHMO’s goal is to install 20,000 on-the-ground sensing stations every 30 km across the African continent, specifically designed to provide rainfall, temperature, and other critical data from robust redundant sensors uploading by cell-phone in real time. TAHMO will make this high-quality data freely available to governments, scientists and farmers on the Internet for various applications including improving agricultural productivity, providing early warning for floods, and information required to provide short-term weather and long-term climate forecasts.


Schools joining the TAHMO network can purchase an automatic weather station for both their own school for $4000, which includes the station installation and 3 years of maintenance.

Schools are required to provide a safe outdoor location for the permanent placement of a weather station, perform general monthly weather station maintenance, and attend a professional development workshop about TAHMO.

Data can be used to enhance activities with sister schools across the globe by comparing climates and weather. Many of the lesson plans provided make use of real-time weather data in the classroom. The weather information is also shared publicly through the School-2-School website for additional research and agricultural applications.

More information can be found in our introduction packet- a great resource for all schools with TAHMO weather stations! Here is the link for the informational packet: CLICK HERE

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every month, a teacher should wipe off the solar sensor and check the rain gauge for leaves/twigs. More detailed cleaning instructions are available on this handout (click here to access weather station cleaning handout).

Contact the School2School coordinator or your TAHMO country representative

Students, teachers, community members have access to collected weather data at School2School.net website, teachers can request a login and password to download the data for their school

Great! We’d love to have you share your lesson plan, a discussion topic, or another resource with fellow teachers? Email them to TAHMO at s2s@tahmo.org where they will be reviewed and added to the appropriate list!


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