Ellen van Andel

Ellen van Andel holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology from the Free University Amsterdam, and a master’s degree in health economics from the Erasmus University Rotterdam. She also completed a minor in Dutch Sign Language at the University of Amsterdam.
Ellen is experienced in food value chain analysis, workshop facilitation in entrepreneurship education (also train the trainers-), online learning content development, responsible innovation and business incubation management (mainly in the water-food sector). Her main interests are health, (healthy, sustainable and sovereign) food and behavioural economics.
For TAHMO, Ellen has facilitated several workshops on business case development and entrepreneurship in countries such as Ghana, Rwanda and Uganda. The workshops were organized for different target groups; startup companies, students, young professionals and university lecturers. Furthermore, Ellen assists TAHMO in the development, coordination and execution of several multi stakeholder projects in sub-Saharan Africa.

For TAHMO, Jacquiline has been installing and maintaining meteorological station as well as data management.
Furthermore, Jacquiline assists TAHMO in the training and raising awareness on weather and climate change issues to Tanzanian community