H2020 GroundTruth 2.0

The Ground Truth 2.0 is built on the strong existing social structures of citizens. 6 citizen groups in six countries were set up in various demonstration cases including local communities working very closely with civil society organizations and consortium partners WWF and TAHMO (Zambia), outdoor enthusiasts and CSO (Sweden), weather enthusiasts and citizen scientists (The Netherlands), farmers, public schools, and outdoor enthusiasts (Spain), associations and members of the public at large who have an interest in safeguarding the quality of their local environment and more, specifically, the Youth and schools (Belgium), County governments, ministries & departments, universities, conservancies and tour operators (Kenya), local and (inter)national NGO’s representing citizens, farmers, schools, health workers, Youths and members of the general public via TAHMO. The Ground Truth 2.0 consortium included industrial players for mobile apps and system integration, SMEs that contribute relevant expertise in earth observation technologies and market uptake, hydrologic modeling, data mining of human sensed data and back-end services, social media analytics for implicit data sensing by mining social media in a wide range of languages and serious gaming for cooperative planning, web mapping and GIS services as well as limited liability and not-for-profit organizations (knowledge and technology providers) for data collection and visualization, land-use modeling and remote sensing and mobile data collection, open source software, citizen feedback systems and web tools and low-cost weather stations (TAHMO). The consortium was led by a knowledge partner (IHE Delft based in the Netherlands http://www.un-ihe.org/ with Dr. Uta Wehn as the Coordinator).

The project was completed in November/December 2019 with the final report submitted in February 2020. The project had very positive feedback on the final report as well as on the indicators of impact in the countries involved in the demonstration cases. For further information please visit https://gt20.eu/.