Miriamlisa the Tanzanian country coordinator of the Trans-Africa-Hydro. Meteorological Observatory (TAHMO), a Network aims to develop a vast network of weather stations across Africa, to enhance meteorological data for Climate Services. She is an expert in Climate Services for smallholders (farmers, fishers, pastoralists).
Advocate for Climate Service, Coordinator of weather station, Climate Awareness ambassador.

B.A. Geography, Research on adaptation, Experience in environmental management
She holds a bachelor’s degree in geography and environmental studies from the University of Dar Es Salaam (UDSM). She conducted field research on agricultural adaptation to climate change in semi-arid Tanzania at UDSM. She worked as an environmental officer trainee at the Regional Commissioner’s environmental office in Dar Es Salaam, focusing on environmental management and monitoring. She gained insights into recycling and waste management as a volunteer with Zaidi Recycles.