—Pelumi Wonuola Oluwasanya

Work in Progress in Round II:Pelumi Wonuola Oluwasanya

Pelumi is a graduate holding a BSc degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from Olabisi Onabanjo University (Ago-Iwoye, Nigeria). Currently, Pelumi is a Corp Member at the ICT Department of the Federal University of Technology in Owerri, Nigeria.


Pelumi is working on a design that will eventually be able to measure temperature, pressure, and relative humidity. The focus is in first place on the temperature. Pelumi´s idea is to introduce the output voltage signal from the temperature sensor to a programmable IC (integrated circuit), which connects to a display and an alarm to alert when pre-specified values are measured.

Pelumi about his progress:

“The original plan was to make use of a 12 Volts power supply to power the circuit but I realize this will make the circuit very bulky and more expensive. Especially because I want to integrate other variables to be measured: pressure and relative humidity possibly. So I’m making use of the 5 Volts provided on the Arduino [that was included in the Maker Package].

Also, I discovered that a 1 MEG Ohm resistor would give better sensitivity than the original 100 KOhms, so I have replaced that too.

I have succeeded in getting the temperature sensor to give out readings on the screen via the Arduino, so currently I’m in the process of calibrating the sensor.”