Victor Eseme Omoit

After completing his degree in B.Sc. Meteorology from South Eastern Kenya University,Victor Eseme Omoit joined TAHMO as an intern. During his internship period, he developed lesson plans for School-2-School program which would later be used by teachers to analyze real weather data in classrooms. He was also involved in site surveys, Weather station installation and Maintenance. He currently works for TAHMO as a Field Engineer in Kenya. He supervises over 100 TAHMO weather Stations and assures proper installation of weather stations, Operations and site relationships of hosts of TAHMO stations. He also supports the School-2-School activities through training of teachers and students. As part of TAHMO, he participated in the installation of an integrated real time Hydro-Meteorological Monitoring system for upgrading the Nzoia river basin flood early warning system in Lake Victoria north catchment area, which included installation of 10 Automatic weather station and 7 Automatic Water Level Stations for the Ministry of Water and Sanitation.