TU Delta is the weekly magazine published by Delft University of Technology. Read Delta’s article on TAHMO and the Final Challenge in Nairobi [link].

Photo credit: TU Delft


“A continent-wide network of weather stations to gather and provide data gives hope of transforming agriculture patterns”. TAHMO now featured on The Guardian’s blog!

Photo credit: Martin Godwin for the Guardian


Inhabitat.com is a weblog devoted to the future of design, tracking the innovations in technology, practices and materials that are pushing towards a smarter and more sustainable future. Read the article about ‘TU Delft Developing a Network Of 20,000 Weather Stations to Track Climate Change in Africa’ on this interesting website.

Photo credit: TAHMO

After a week of soldering, programming and teamwork, a cheer went up when 21 sensors, brought in from all corners of Africa, came online and started submitting their measurements to the internet. The sensors were designed by the winners of the TAHMO Sensor Design Competition. Final Challenge of the TAHMO Sensor Design Competition held in Nairobi 29 July [link].

Ben Schiller from Fast Company (New York) featured TAHMO on his blog, including some pictures of the TAHMO Final Challenge in Nairobi!

How could TAHMO help tackle the global food crisis? Article by Nick van de Giesen in the daily newspaper South Africa Business Day.

Nick van de Giesen interviewed on TAHMO and the competition by Spectrum, the (English spoken) science radio show from Germany’s international broadcaster Deutsche Welle. The interview was broadcast on 18 February 2013 [link].

Interview with Nick van de Giesen about the TAHMO project on BBC’s Newsday on the 23rd of November 2012 [link].