Station installation at Gourcy in Northen Burkina Faso

In the framework of its activities in Burkina Faso, TAHMO was contacted by one of its Partner organizations a local NGO MARP which owned one of TAHMO’s Generation 2 stations since 2015; for the installation of a Generation 3 station with additional sensors at Gourcy in Northern Burkina. MARP is an NGO active in development areas such as food security and nutrition, disaster risk reduction, and climate change which requires reliable climatic data and information. Dr. Mande Theophile the representative of TAHMO in Burkina has been in charge of both training MARP’s staff and installing the station. In June; he organized a training workshop for three staff of MARP which included two interns (GNOUMU Juliette and OULE Dapé Serge) and MARP’s technical director Julien OUEDRAOGO (in the picture below). In the past, the MARP’s NGO only collected rainfall data and this was done manually; in December 2015 the installation of the TAHMO Gen 2 automatic weather station at its headquarters in Ouagadougou offered them the opportunity to collect simultaneously several meteorological parameters at a higher frequency. However, the location of the station was about 150 km from the MARP area of action (the northern region) so they requested the new station. For Mr. Ouedraogo, the data collected at the new location will correspond more to the local climatic conditions and will allow MARP to provide relevant information to its partners and stakeholders. The new location of the station (roof-top) was decided by MARP according to the physical constraints of the site (trees).

At the end of the installation, the technical director of MARP thanked Dr. MANDE for adding a station to the MARP network. He was excited to see the data flow from the station to his computer in near-real time.

**Written by Théophile Mande

MARP staff trained: From left ( intern OULE DAPE SERGE, Mr. OUEDRAOGO NIMBRATA JULIEN, intern GNOUMU Juliette)

Station installed on the rooftop.



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