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Trans-African Hydro-Meteorological Observatory (TAHMO) seeks to develop a dense network of meteorological stations on the African continent. This is done by installing low-cost but robust and efficient automatic weather stations. Currently, TAHMO operates in Central, Eastern, Western and Southern parts of Africa and has over 500 stations installed.

In TAHMO Zone 3 which is of interest for this opportunity, TAHMO operates in Togo, Benin, Cote d’Ivoire, and Ghana. In total, TAHMO currently has close to 150 stations in these four (4) countries.

As part of ensuring efficiency, stations must be kept running at all times with an optimal level of not less than 95%. In order to achieve this, there is a need to bolster our team in these four countries to ensure stations operate at optimal levels.

The job is mainly on the field where the stations are installed and therefore entails a lot of traveling. The prospective person when selected will maintain the stations in Togo and Benin with a total of about 50 stations.

TAHMO’s quality Control procedures are mostly in English, so it will require the services of someone who is excellent in both English and French (spoken and written).

Roles and responsibilities

The Field Engineer/Technician will be the technical contact for TAHMO weather installations and maintenance in these countries (Togo & Benin).  This person supervises and assures proper installation, operation, and site relationships with a host of TAHMO stations including the national meteorological agencies of the countries.  He will assist in marketing and operations, as time allows. Specifically, as a Field Engineer or technician you will be required to:

  1. Liaise with the Regional Supervisor (based in Accra, Ghana), Operations Manager and CEO to gather information and materials for field operations in Togo, Benin and any other country that will be assigned to you by the CEO;
  2. Perform field operations, including installation and maintenance of weather stations:
    1. Maintain a 95% operational rate for all stations under your supervision;
    2. Report weekly to the Regional Supervisor regarding station performance and installation (QA/QC evaluation), a log of effort for the past week, plan and share weekly and monthly activities and calendar;
  3. Maintain up-to-date metadata on all stations in Togo, Benin and other countries assigned to you, including photos and site visit reports from every site visit using a logbook and/or TAHMO online QA/QC tools;
  4. Ensure that all stations within your purview are visited at least twice annually and more often if needed to maintain, repair or replace stations.
  5. Maintain tools needed for field operations and any asset as may be applicable;
  6. Efficiently and effectively supervise station hosts;
  7. Support the team to improve quality control and quality assurance programs;


  1. Liaise with other team members, including the Regional Supervisor, CEO, and Operations Manager to supervise and train new interns;
  2. Support top management to establish and maintain and enhance effective formal and informal links with key partners including the Togo Meteorological Department (TMA), Meteo Benin, relevant government departments and agencies, local authorities, key decision-makers, and other stakeholders generally, to exchange information and views and to ensure that TAHMO is providing the appropriate range and quality of services needed;
  3. Actively market TAHMO services and products in Togo, Benin and other countries that may be assigned to you;
  4. Support the School2school activities in Togo and Benin;
  5. Support TAHMO to strategically position itself to receive enough funds through projects, services, and products to enhance its growth in Togo and Benin;
  6. Ensure that TAHMO complies with all local laws including the payment of all relevant taxes;
  7. Perform other related duties as may be required by the Regional Supervisor, CEO or top management.


Reporting lines

The Field Engineer reports directly to the Regional Supervisor, Operations Manager, and the CEO.



HND or higher level of education in Meteorology, Physics, Civil Engineering, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Environmental Science, and related programs.

The ability to write and speak excellent English is a must.

Applications, letters of motivation and curriculum vitae (CVs) should be sent via email by 22nd March 2020 to:

The Regional Director

TAHMO West Africa

Ghana Meteorological Agency

Accra – Ghana

kadjnr001@gmail.com  (Please note it is zero one)


Website: www.tahmo.org

Email: info@tahmo.org