TAHMO Present at Africa Gathering 2014

Africa gatheringOn the weekend of 12, 13 & 14 September 2014, Africa Gathering will organize several events at Africa Utopia, at the Southbank Centre, London, UK. Africa Utopia can be seen as a celebration of all Africa has to offer the world. There will be events on culture, community, technology, fashion, sustainability, and ethical wealth creation. Also, TAHMO will be present as Nick van de Giesen will present in the session on “Data in Africa: The Fuel of the Future“. As the title of the session clearly suggests, all types of data are needed to ensure social and economic growth throughout the African continent. The main goal of TAHMO is to ensure a continuous flow of reliable water and climate data. How to turn these data into prosperity is a central theme of the gathering and of TAHMO. We expect some forward-looking discussions which will be reported in the next Newsletter.

The event will draw together hundreds of professionals, innovators, tech wizards, social justice groups, and grassroots activists together with members of the public to network and collaborate for pan-African development. Marième Jamme is CEO of Africa Gathering and strategic advisor of TAHMO on tech development in Africa and social media.


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