TAHMO selected to lead team addressing Protection against Extreme Climatic Events in East Africa

In another remarkable success, in early February 2015, TAHMO was selected as one of 16, from over 500 applicants, for the Rockefeller Foundation/USAID “Global Resilience Challenge”. This project will be carried forward as a team, with partners including Earthnetworks (USA), African Centres for Lightning and Electromagnetics (ACLE, Uganda), Uganda Chartered Healthnet, and Human Network International (USA).

The project will start by defining the current situation with extreme weather losses (including over 3,000 deaths from lightning per year in the area surrounding Lake Victoria alone), moving then to laying out a practical and sustainable solution. TAHMO’s proposal includes an Early Warning System (EWS) development and validation project in Uganda. This EWS will detect and alert heavy weather events so agricultural production can be improved and industry and services are protected. The grant is provided in a series of stages, which if successful will yield over US$1,2M to the effort. During stage 2 of the Global Resilience Partnership, teams will propose solutions and implementation plans. The final winners of the second stage will receive a grant to implement and scale up their solutions in each region. This will be announced in September this year.



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