TAHMO Sensor Design Competition 2014 – ECOWAS Edition

2_IMGA0126_redAfter the success of last year’s Sensor Design Competition in Nairobi, Kenya, TAHMO organized another edition of the event this year for the ECOWAS region.

The 2014 design competition culminated in a workshop week hosted by the Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA) in Nigeria. Scholars, students, and engineers were asked to send in an innovative design idea for an inexpensive and robust sensor that measures a weather or hydrological variable. The teams with the best designs were subsequently invited to attend the workshop week in Akure from August 4-8.

Ten teams with participants from four different universities were invited to attend the workshop week in Akure, Nigeria, where they further developed and improved their designs. Among the designs were sensors for measuring rainfall, humidity, sunlight, wind direction and speed, and temperature. The ultimate goal was to publish measurements online at the end of the workshop week via an Arduino micro-computer on the @TAHMO_Arduino Twitter feed. At the end of the week, all sensors were connected so that the first tests and measurements could be done.

In addition to the preliminary tests with the newly-built sensors, the TAHMO team also installed a regular weather station at FUTA, the first TAHMO station in Nigeria! Together with FUTA’s Dr. Ahmed Balogun – our gracious host -, TAHMO is now looking into opportunities for funding and collaboration to expand the TAHMO network in Nigeria.


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