Update weather station development

Weather stationThe first generation of TAHMO stations has now been in the field for 2 years in Senegal, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, and South Africa.  During this entire time, we have been working closely with the people in the field as well as the station manufacturer to develop the next level of station performance.  The second generation of stations is expected to go to the field in January 2015!  A business-card-sized solar pane will have enough power to report every hour, around the clock, with a backup battery power sufficient for 3 months, just in case.  The station will have an internal barometer, a sonic anemometer that can measure low winds also far below the WMO standard, and a rain gauge that has no moving parts and 0.014 mm resolution that are over 10 times better than the WMO guidelines request, and the sonic wind speed sensor resolves down to 0.01 m/s.  In June the design will be consolidated into a single compact cylinder.


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