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The School-2-School Team would like to highlight two schools as the winners of the S2S September Challenge. Namanga Mixed Secondary School and Kibisi Secondary school have been exceptional in their monthly TAHMO station cleaning and using the weather data in their classroom.

  • Namanga Mixed Secondary School has focused on temperature and wind speed & direction data from their TAHMO station. Students have learned how to calculate the daily mean temperature and the daily temperature range. Using the wind speed and direction data, students have learned how to draw wind rose to show the distribution of wind directions
  • Kibisi Secondary School has involved their students and geography club in cleaning their TAHMO Station. During a routine cleaning, students noticed that the rough middle surface (splash guard) was very dirty. They used their problem-solving skills and found a method to clean it using a toothbrush without interfering with the glass plate or the temperature sensor. The students have learned how important maintaining a clean weather station is to recording accurate results. Teacher in Charge Mr. Edalia Wycliffe uses the data in his classroom and has taught his students how to download the data from the School-2-School website. He uses the data in spreadsheet form to calculate mean, mode, range, and standard deviation and says using real data has enriched his classroom lectures

The TAHMO Initiative regards training and education of both teachers and students of schools with a TAHMO station as a very crucial ingredient of the Initiative. This is done through the school2school program which is created to serve this important purpose of educating, training and support with teaching and learning materials.

Students and Geography teachers of St. Paul’s SHS, Denu in the Volta Region of Ghana had an interactive session to understand TAHMO’s school2school program. The students joined Mr. Kwame Anhwere – the TAHMO regional coordinator – to carry out maintenance work and understand all the ins and outs of the weather station. This attracted students from other departments which found the session quite interesting.

During the sessions, the main discussion was about how the environment supports life and the importance to take good care of it. It was about the activities and responsibilities that individuals and governments have to minimize their impact on the environment. The last part of the discussion centered on the various sensors on the station, how they work, the parameters being measured and how data could be accessed and visualized for lesson plans.

The students had the opportunity to see the real-time measurements when the station (logger) was connected to the computer as well as near real-time measurements online via the school2school.net platform. Some of them had the opportunity to check the data online.

The school expressed their appreciation and were happy to be among the selected schools in the country to host a TAHMO station.








**Written by Kwame Duah**

The Students Local and International Collaboration for Environment through Innovative Technology (SLICEIT) is launching a donation program to seek funding to install further TAHMO weather stations in schools. Please check out their website

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Koyoo Mixed Day School: -0.581579, 34.607620
Ntumu Boarding Primary School: -0.244139, 37.672970
Voi Girls Secondary School: -3.394089, 38.362198
East Jr High: 43.566050, -116.113406
TVMSC, Treasure Valley Math and Science Center at Riverglen: 43.680105, -116.280099
St. Williams Osodo School: -0.524297, 34.257094
Homa Bay High Station: -0.537930, 34.460027
Ngouye Town Station: 14.519806, -16.444817
Thies Town Station: 14.922867, -16.940231
Binaba Town Station: 10.872002, -0.468464
Navrongo Town Station: 10.923157, -1.081467
UKZN AIM: -29.372635, 30.252914
Potshini Village Station: -28.811870, 29.379440
University Toukra Station: 12.096033, 15.056763
N\'djamena Airport station: 12.129056, 15.034215
St. Joseph Senior High/Technical School: 6.656213, -0.669630
Asesewa Senior High School: 6.408892, -0.142908
Mountain High Senior High School: 6.650677, -1.517658
Ofoase Senior High Technical School: 6.166068, -1.141299
Bompata Presby Senior High School: 6.619653, -1.057853
Obuasi Senior High Tech School: 6.201207, -1.691251
Bodwesango Senior High School: 6.281433, -1.421356
Dompoase Senior High School: 6.312391, -1.532968
Asante Akyem Technology Institute: 6.666985, -1.184807
CRIG JHS: 6.083333, -0.250000